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Winter Solstice, Non-woven Cold Proof Cloth Is Here


The winter solstice is a traditional festival of the Chinese nation, it is an important solar term. In ancient times, people who drifted away from home had to go home for the winter festival at this time. In many areas, there are customs such as ancestor worship on the winter solstice day, and there are still some places to celebrate on the winter solstice day.

The arrival of the winter solstice also means that the weather is getting colder and colder, many plants or crops must be protected against cold. Especially vegetables and fruit trees, many people will cover the fruit trees with a thin film to keep them warm, just like citrus, dragon fruit and other cold-resistant fruit trees, covered with cold-proof cloth will help keep warm.

Previous cold-proof cloths were generally plastic films, and plastics were not easily degraded, which caused great harm to the environment. Now there is a non-woven cold-proof cloth, which can not only keep the fruit trees warm, but also environmentally friendly. Non-woven fabrics are widely used in agriculture, such as non-woven plastic film, fruit protection bags, cold-proof cloth, plant root bags, vegetable greenhouses, etc.

Non-woven fabric is environmentally friendly and breathable. It can be made into waterproof material or hydrophilic material. It can prevent fire and prevent static. Non-woven fabrics can be made of different weights and thicknesses, so they are also widely used in home and industry.

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