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Merry Christmas With Non woven


It's Christmas again, Christmas is an ancient festival originating in the West. Many countries have a grand holiday party on Christmas Day to celebrate it. Many schools are also closed on this day, and Santa Claus gives gifts to children.

The use of non-woven fabrics on Christmas day is also very wide, such as Christmas decorations, gift bags, etc. Various colors of non-woven fabrics can be made into a variety of Christmas decorations, such as Christmas hats, Christmas socks, Christmas trees and so on.

Non-woven gift bags can be printed with a variety of patterns, and various cartoon images can be printed. Therefore, they are often used as gift bags for children. Christmas gift bags are mainly three-dimensional bags and drawstring pockets. The raw material of non-woven fabric is polypropylene, which is an environmentally friendly material. When Christmas arrives, it's better to prepare a Christmas gift for your child and wrap it in a nice gift bag.

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