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Industrial Greening Non Woven Fabrics


Turf greening non-woven fabrics are mainly used in lawn planting, and have the functions of protecting crops, irrigation, and heat preservation. Under normal circumstances, after the sowing of the grass seeds, the lawn will be covered with non-woven fabrics, which can increase the surface temperature, shorten the germination time of the seeds, and inhibit the growth of weeds to a certain extent.

In recent years, non-woven fabrics have been widely used in the prevention of freezing damage of vegetables, flowers, rice and other nursery and flowers, landscaping, slope greening, and construction highways. Because the non-woven fabric has good gas permeability, moisture absorption and light transmission. It is an environmentally-friendly product advocated by the state and can be naturally decomposed. It is a new type of environmentally friendly material.

Non-woven fabrics play a role in heat preservation for the cultivation of various vegetables and cash crops in greenhouses. This is the most important effect. Its use can change the temperature of the vegetable greenhouse, so it can be a good substitute for plastic film, because of its characteristics, it can also be used as a greenhouse insulation material. Its longevity is longer than pure non-woven fabrics and more economical than greenhouse insulation, so its appearance is very important for many small greenhouse producers.

In addition, the non-woven fabric also replaces the plastic film, saving money and manpower. For example, in the public road maintenance concrete maintenance, with the growing modern Chinese economy, the level of construction of the country's building base, the number of use is also increasing, becoming the advantage after the use of greenhouses. The cold-proof effect of highway greening vegetation is even more prominent and obvious. Since the green vegetation used on both sides of the road is basically delicate, it is necessary to use agricultural non-woven fabrics for winter protection in winter.

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