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Special reminder: Thailand implements plastic ban


As we all know, the use of plastic in the past has brought convenience to people. Plastic is low in cost and durable, and it is widely used in agriculture and people's daily life. However, the waste plastic is not easy to degrade, and burning will produce toxic substances, which will cause great damage to the environment. Many countries are now implementing plastic bans. Supermarkets in Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and other countries have replaced plastic bags with paper bags. Bangladesh, Maharashtra, India have banned the production, import and use of plastic bags. South Korea, Switzerland, France and other countries are slowly restricting the use of plastic bags.

From now on, no plastic bag policy will be implemented in Thailand. Major shopping malls and supermarkets will stop providing plastic bags for customers. January 1 is the first day that the Thai Retailers Association has banned about 75 brands from using plastic bags to reduce plastic waste . Their goal is to reduce the number of plastic bags that supermarkets distribute to shoppers, They also advocate people to say no to plastic bags every day. Its 24,500 distribution channels among its 75 brand members will stop providing plastic bags. Thailand’s environmental pollution control department recently revealed that 40% plastic bags come from the fresh market each year, and the remaining 30% plastic bags come from local grocery stores.

Restricting the use of plastic can improve the protection of the environment. Many supermarkets gradually do not provide consumers with plastic bags. Various environmentally friendly bags appear in people's field of vision. The most commonly used environmentally friendly bags are paper bags or non-woven bags. , But because paper bags are not strong and not waterproof, non-woven bags are more popular.

Therefore, preparing non-woven environmentally friendly bags anytime, anywhere is both environmentally friendly and durable. A non-woven environmentally friendly bag can be repeatedly applied multiple times, and it will also bring good economic benefits to people.

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