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Introduction of PP non-woven fabric


Introduction of PP non-woven fabric:

 PP non-woven fabric is polypropylene raw material, namely polypropylene fiber

Comparison between (PP) polyester non woven fabric and (PET) acrylic non woven fabric

1. PP raw material is cheap, PET raw material is expensive, PP waste can be recycled. Pet can not be recycled, so the cost of PP is slightly lower.

2. The high temperature resistance of PP is about 200 ℃, while that of pet is about 290 ℃.

3. Non woven fabric printing, heat transfer effect, the same width PP shrinkage, pet shrinkage is small, pet effect is better, pet more saving, less waste.

4. Tensile force, tensile force, bearing capacity, the same gram weight, pet tensile force, tensile force, bearing capacity than PP. 65 grams of pet is equivalent to 80 grams of PP tension, tension, bearing capacity.

5. From the perspective of environmental protection, because PP is mixed with recycled PP waste, all PET chips are brand new. Pet is more environmentally friendly and hygienic than PP.

Advantages of PP non-woven fabric:

Advantage 1: it is suitable for the background of mannequins and products, and can be used without PS software processing.

Advantage 2: pure color, no reflection, more prominent theme

Advantage 3: environmental protection fabric, non-toxic and tasteless, baby can contact

Advantage 4: durable, long life, is durable goods, normal use up to several years

Advantage 5: dirt resistance, stains can be wiped with a wet cloth

Advantage 6: easy to eliminate creases, methods are low temperature hot, roll up, flat pressure, wet dry

Application of PP non-woven fabric:

(1) Industry: subgrade cloth, embankment cloth, waterproof roll cloth, automobile interior cloth, filter material;

(2) Shoe leather: lining cloth, shoe bag, shoe cover and composite material;

(3) Agricultural - tablecloth, sofa mattress cloth, disposable underwear;

(4) Medical protective equipment --- protective clothing, surgical clothing, masks, hats, sleeves, bed sheets, pillowcases, etc;

(5) Packaging: composite cement bag, flour bag, bedding storage bag, suit bag, shopping bag, gift bag, luggage and luggage lining.

(6) Environmental bags -- all kinds of shopping bags, handbags, backpacks, etc

(7) Packaging and storage: box bag, suit cover, household appliance cover, car cover, etc

(8) Home textiles and home furnishings: sofa, mattress, bedding, pillow case, apron, etc. Commonly used gram weight: 80-150g

(9) Medical and health - protective clothing, shoe covers, masks, work caps, bed sheets

(10) Agricultural non-woven fabrics -- bed covering, crop protection cloth, seedling belt, seedling cloth, tree planting bag, lawn covering, rice harvest, garden and fruit bagging, slope protection, etc. Non woven fabric has the advantages of environmental protection, moisture retention, insect prevention, protection and natural degradation, which is very favorable for the growth of crop roots. Commonly used gram weight: 20-100g

(11) Craft gifts -- cloth for bouquet, gift and car interior

(12) Non woven fabrics for luggage -- non woven fabrics are environment-friendly and non-toxic, and non-woven fabrics are used inside the leather surface of luggage, inside the handbag and on the bottom to make it more three-dimensional, moistureproof and thickened, which is commonly known as "reinforcing". Commonly used white and black non-woven fabrics: 75g-250g

(13) Non woven fabric for sofa mattress -- packing cloth for spring in mattress, inner lining of sofa and bottom cloth of sofa. Commonly used gram weight: 30g-120g

(14) Non woven fabric for environmental protection bag -- non woven environmental protection bag is tough and durable, beautiful in appearance, good in air permeability, foldable into pocket, easy to carry, reusable, washable, silk screen printing watermark logo, long probation period, suitable for any company. Commonly used gram weight: 60-120g

Product parameters:

Quality standard

China textile industry standard (Fz)

Main components


maxmum width of cloth


Gram weight


Networking mode


Main uses

Home textile cloth, clothing lining, medical and health cloth, storage and packaging cloth

Composition and content

100% polypropylene

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