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Medical Nonwoven--How many do you know?


Have you ever watched a medical drama on TV? Or had surgery at the hospital or out-patient clinic? Hospital operating rooms are filled with nonwovens and you’ve either seen them on TV or up close in person. Nonwovens offer many advantages in the medical/healthcare market.

We are a professional supplier of spun bond nonwoven fabric to leading manufacturers of non-woven products used in the healthcare industry.

Spun-bonded nonwoven materials have important applications in the medical industry such as production of non-woven disposable surgical gowns, surgical packs & drapes, non-toxic equipment cover, Sterilization Wraps, Isolation, examination, and patient Gowns, Scrub suits, Soft Bedding cover, surgical pads, face masks, comfortable surgical caps, bouffant cap, patient clothes, visitor gowns, surgical tablecloth, bed sheets and biodegradable wound dressings etc.

Spunbond nonwoven fabric has properties that make them useful in this industry. For example, they are used in making CSR sterilization wrap due to their high tensile strength, breathable, elongation.

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