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Nonwoven Fabrics in Furnishings and Bedding


Whether you are at home or in the office, nonwovens surround you. Are you sitting on a chair or a couch? There are nonwovens underneath them called dust covers. Are you walking on a carpet? Nonwovens are used as a carpet backing. Your mattress contains nonwovens, and they are used in various places throughout its construction. Nonwovens offer many advantages in the furnishings/bedding market. Here are a few examples:

You’ve sat on chairs, couches, and futons and not given nonwovens a single thought. But, if you were to flip a chair, couch or futon over, you would see a piece of fabric (usually stapled or glued) on the bottom. This is a durable, cost-effective, yet lightweight, answer to the problem of bugs or rodents taking up residence under your furniture.

Nonwovens are used as carpet backing. You walk on carpets every day and probably don’t even realize that there is a nonwoven supporting the underside of the carpet. Nonwoven carpet backing can provide noise reduction, comfort, a moisture barrier, and help with high traffic wear.

The most popular use of nonwovens in mattresses is to provide a flame retardant or flame resistant barrier fabric. That mattress you sleep on every night is keeping you safe.

In short, Nonwoven Fabric is in your life.

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