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Why Nonwoven seedling bag is better?


Nonwoven seedling bag as a common agricultural fruit seedling tool, It has been widely used in green plants, fruit, saplings culture.

Nonwoven seedling bag can be biodegradable. Because of nonwoven fabrics can be biodegradable, so it highly efficient in transplanting afforestation. Compared with plastic seedlings bag, it’s necessary to remove the bags before transplanting during afforestation, which will also form white pollution. Hard plastic container seedlings bag must be recovered during afforestation, which is cumbersome and increases the cost of recovery. Nonwoven seedling bag afforestation will not produce similar problems, eliminating the container recycling process.


The advantages of nonwoven seedling bags: insect-proof, has a good air permeability, water permeability function. non-woven fabric has biodegradable characteristics, so even if not used, it can also be natural decomposition, environmental protection characteristics are excellent. In addition, nonwoven fabrics are cheaper than plastic, which helps farmers enjoy better experience at lower price and save more time and effort.


Dongguan Jinchen Nonwoven Co., Ltd. specializes in nonwoven seedling bag. Nonwoven seedling bag we produce, its in line with the quality inspection standards. Nonwoven seedling bag products are thoroughly tested. Both its physical properties such as shrinkage rate for cloth, resilience, and fabric stiffness and chemical properties such as formaldehyde and PH content are meet the specific standards. In a word, our nonwoven seedling bags are your best choice.

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