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How to Choose Weed Barrier?


Premium Fabric Weed Barrier -- Made of pp non-woven fabric and it is thicker than other PE materials in the market. Thick and durable fabric can be used for a long time.

Thicker Fabric Shade Light Effectively -- The fabric week barrier can shade the light up to 90%, The growth of weeds will be greatly inhibited, which can significantly reduce the influence of weeds on crop growth.When weeding in the field, just remove the weeds in the soil between the rows of the plant.


Fabric Material Can Maintain Soil Moisture -- Mulching the soil with this weed mat can effectively retain soil moisture, increase soil temperature, promote root development, and thus improve the yield and quality of plants.The soil temperature in strawberry or other plants’ root concentration area can be increased from -5℃ to above 5℃ in most winter, that is, it can be raised to above the starting temperature of growth, so as to maintain a certain growth of roots and speed up the growth process.

Easy Cut and Install -- This fabric is easy to cut and install. Simply cover the entire bed with fabric weed barrier and holds down with staples to the wind. Then cut slits into the material for cultivated plants.Beginners can also quickly complete the installation. 

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