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What is the effect of anti-aging non-woven fabrics?


Anti-aging non-woven fabrics has been widely recognized and applied in the field of agriculture. Anti-aging UV is added in the production to provide excellent protection for seeds, crops and soil, preventing soil erosion, insect pests, bad weather and damage caused by weeds. To get a bumper harvest in every season


1. The anti-aging non-woven fabrics have high bursting strength; good uniformity and good water penetration;

2, Anti-aging non-woven fabrics have excellent durability; long-lasting anti-aging; anti-frost and anti-freeze;

3, Anti-aging non-woven fabrics is economically and environmental friendly; can automatically degrade.


Dongguan Jinchen Non-woven Co., Ltd was established in May 2013, a comprehensive large-scale non-woven fabric manufacturer integrating R&D, production and sales. It has five new advanced production lines, leading product testing equipment and quality assurance among non-woven industries. The company is able to produce PP spun bonded non-woven fabrics of various colors from 9g to 300g width within 3.2m.For the agriculture usages also have extra width non-woven.


Jinchen non-woven products are widely used in agriculture, medical and health, shopping bags, industry, construction, household goods and disposables. The market covers all parts of the country and has been exported to Japan, the United States, India , Southeast Asia and Europe countries etc.

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