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What are the benefits of agricultural nonwovens for environmental improvement?


How to control environmental pollution has always been our hot topic. Industrial pollution has long been highly concerned, and agricultural pollution has quietly eroded the homes on which we depend. The soil pollution is the most rapid, and agricultural non-woven fabrics can play a key role in improving soil pollution.


With the development of modern agricultural production technology, seedling bags and thermal insulation sheds have become a must for agricultural production. The nursery bags made of agricultural non-woven fabrics can be divided into two categories: one is a recyclable non-woven seedling bag, and the other is a non-recyclable non-woven seedling bag. Non-recyclable non-woven nursery bags don’t need to remove when transplanting; non-recyclable nursery bags can be directly buried in the land, natural microbes will break down the nursery bags, which can effectively reduce environmental pollution. The same applies to non-woven insulation sheds made of agricultural non-woven fabrics, thus comprehensively controlling soil pollution.


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