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Whats the function of PP non-woven material for making mask?


Can PP non-woven material masks prevent viruses?


Non-woven masks can play an anti-virus role. At present, most of the masks that do not prevent viruses are made of non-woven materials, which can prevent virus infection to a certain extent, and the use of such masks can well block the virus from being transmitted through droplets or particles suspended in the air. spread. When using non-woven masks, we must pay attention to using medical masks that meet the national mask production standards. Surgical masks or disposable medical masks can be used, most of which are made of non-woven materials.


The contagiousness of the novel coronavirus is very serious. If ordinary citizens just go to some ordinary public places and avoid contact with people infected with the coronavirus, wearing a medical surgical mask is usually enough, and there is no need for excessive protection. If you are in direct contact with the patient, you need to wear an KN95 mask to prevent the infection of the virus. And KN95 masks are also made of non-woven materials, which can achieve the effect of anti-virus.


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