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What is the price of non woven carry bags ?
Dongguan Jinchen Nonwoven Co., Ltd. non woven carry bags is of higher quality at an affordable price in the marketplace. The item is priced by many factors including raw materials selection, investment in labour and technology, etc. We can assure the most inexpensive price of this with its excellent performance for you.

Relying on manufacturing professionalism and experience on fruit tree protection bags, Jinchen Nonwoven is a company highly respected in the market. As one of Jinchen Nonwoven's multiple product series, agriculture non woven fabric series enjoy a relatively high recognition in the market. This product has the advantage of good fiber adhesion. During the carding process, the bonds between the fibers are tightly gathered together, improving the spinnability of the fibers. It has good heat resistance with a melting point of 164~170 °C. The perfect fusion of these features makes this product most coveted amongst our clients. The PP raw materials and masterbatch used for it are non-toxic.

Jinchen brand commits to the wonderful vision of being a competitive fruit protection bags manufacturer. Inquire online!
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