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waterproof PP Spunbond Nonwoven for busniess for agriculture

waterproof PP Spunbond Nonwoven for busniess for agriculture

Waterproof PP Spunbond Nonwoven for busniess for agriculture

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Dongguan,Guangdong, China
agriculture and furniture
Spun bond
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The garment bags are as described and seem like they will hold up to normal use. Great value for the cost.
Very good
Made with a durable fabric (not plastic). Nice looking and a great price
Awesome product!
Arrived ahead of schedule. They fit just right. I love them, and I will reorder more!!
It does its job. I don't use the Velcro. The plastic pieces fit nicely into my window and don't interfere with the opening and closing of them.
They Keep the dog slobber off my door. They could be a little longer, that's my only complaint. But I would recommend these if you want to protect your doors.
this is a nice large item but it got sucked into my window. It could have been me setting it up wrong.
Wonderful for lining the kennel for our Rottweiler
These things are awesome. No more scratches on the door, thanks to these covers.
Stays on pretty well considering it doesn't really fit the size of my windows.
Keeps my doors clean from doggy drool.
Very easy to put together. I can fit 5 pairs of shoes on each shelf (size 6.5 womens). Definitely worth it especially for the price!
It works. Quick put up and stays put
Nice shelf and pretty easy to assemble.
Love these! It is very sturdy and easy to put together.
I needed a shelf for my craft supplies, this one works perfectly for my needs. It's sturdy and easy to assemble.
Easy to put together and works exactly as we had hoped.
I like it. It was a little hard to put together. Fits the space I needed it for perfectly
Perfect easy to out together and very strudy
Not what I was expecting. Took me a while to build because is unexpectedly tedious
I bought these bags to grow some squash plants that I knew wouldn't be able to fit into my little garden patch. They take a ton of soil - I had allotted about 2 1/2 bags for each and they could have really taken more soil than that. I put 1-2 plants in each and they grew well. Because the sides are soft, the trailing vines weren't pinched when growing out and down from the bag so I thought that worked well. They are SO HEAVY to move once they are full so you might want to have them about where you want them later. Also, they definitely wreck the grass underneath them (that's probably a given) but just in case you don't think about that you'll need to be aware. I didn't see notice that they dried out super fast but maybe because it was so deep it wasn't that big of a factor. I also didn't have them in my sunniest spots so that probably helped as well.
Since the roots will grow through the fabric pots, don't plan on reusing them and no you can't clean/wash the roots out lol. Which makes it expensive if you're growing constantly. I still prefer them over plastic pots. These ones do you have the strap handles, which I like. Any fabric pot that has the fabric handles that extend up will rip once you get into the three or 5 gallon, especially after watering.
Grew sweet potatoes in them last year and it turned out pretty well. I forgot to bring them in from the garden so they were out all winter but when I found them the other day they were still in just as good of shape as when I bought them. They are a high quality product that I'm sure to get at least 5 years of use out of possibly more especially if they survived an Indiana winter.
i can see how the air to the roots better..and how it's easier to move.because it doesn't hold water..so it's lighter.. but seems like the water just runs through.. without penetration.. is my soil too light a mix.. perhaps.. the plants seem to be doing fine.. I'ts just new to me.. and the bottoms are not so stationary, they kind of round out on the bottoms.. this is my first season with them.. I need to give them a longer trial before I can really say yes I'll buy more...or not.
They are perfect for pepper or tomato plants. They do aerate. So, even after a big rain, you may still have to water. I do have squash in these bags, which have grown very nicely out on to the ground. I've had some dog damage and a LOT of heavy rain storms, so, I honestly can not say if I did not get a crop because of the pots or the dogs/rain. Probably dogs/rain. I am going to try them again next year. I still believe that they are better than a pot that will hold water.
We live in AZ and it is HOT!!!! because of that they needed water every day while they were holding seedlings on the shaded patio. After the (herb) seedling grew second set of leaves moved to garden under a grow row and with twin sheet. I keep the sheet moist which drips thru the grow row and they seem to be doing fine. I know I am going to love them once we move out of AZ. And not soon enough for me.
These are amazing grow bags! We moved back to Montana the end of November and I wanted perennials planted for the Spring. Part of our garage became a greenhouse. These bags worked spectacularly. When it was time to plant we moved the plants out of the bags and into the garden. They are now a fun addition to the deck as flower and vegetable bags for the summer and fall.
We love these!!!! We planted strawberry plants in one and pole beans in the others. The handles are sturdy and they make moving the pots a breeze. The plants seem to be thriving in them. I love the fact that we can move the strawberry plants into the garage for the winter right in the pot.
These seem strong and well made. The size is correct when compared to other "7 gallon" plastic planting pots sold at nurseries etc, which you cannot compare to the actual volume. In other words, a "one gallon" or "five gallon" pot sold in the market does not actually hold one, or 5 gallons. Not sure how the actual pot sizes were originally developed, but it has been that way for as long as I can remember.
These are very well made garden bags that should work even with large indeterminate tomato plants. Where I live in Oklahoma it is critical to get your tomato and other flowering vegetable plant out early. Once temperatures get over 90 degrees these plants will no longer set fruit until the fall cool down. Grow bags allow us to cheat the last frost date a little as these can be moved to a safe location if the weather gets cold. I am very satisfied with my purchase and feel that these bags will give years of service.
I am big on zero-waste and reusable items. I use these for all my transplants and seedlings and have had no issue thus far. Great air circulation and my favorite part- they're REUSABLE! No more last minute trips to home depot or searching my house for a makeshift pot. I would definitely recommend anything fabric when related to gardening. Root systems grow much stronger when they have proper air circulation and I have learned this the hard way. Fabric bags are the way to go. Buy these.
Quality construction. Holds up well to moving them around when full of soil and refilling. 10 gallon size is too small for tomatoes. I would recommend 15 gallons or greater. Next year I plan to do cabbage and lettuce in my 10 gallon bag.
They work well, but even with mulch on the tops, my tomato plants suck up all the water I can give them in about 1 hour in our 100 degree heat. I have to constantly water them.
Nice and sturdy. This is exactly what I was looking for. It wasn’t too bad putting it together either, the instructions explaine it very well.
Easy to assemble and sturdy.
Easy to put together and surprisingly sturdy. Worth the purchase.
Not so sturdy but worth the price.
Took a while to assemble but pretty sturdy.
This rack is awesome because of the amount of space and shoes it can hold. Unfortunately it caters more to mens shoes and/or sneakers. I can't fit ANY heels. My boyfriend's a size 13 in shoes and it holds up well with all of his, but anything taller or boot like, or high heel like won't work. We also use it for other storage. Still recommend it, but just don't assume ALL your women's shoes will fit.
sturdy but need a soft mallet to put together
Fit perfectly as split into 3 sections with 3 shelves under clothes hanging left plenty of space and 4 shelves at end of closet, fit all of my shoes, except sandals which I purchased the Misslo over the door shoe hanger for. Room for small handbags too!
Fast shipping, pretty sturdy, assembled in about 20 mins and great organization for my kids things for school
Really like the size of this show rack. Easily stacks. Split it into 2 sections of 5 for 2 bedroom closets and it works great. Nice organization price.
Box was damaged and didn’t have the right parts. One too many of one of the bars and one not enough of another.
Great cube storage! Easy to assemble and its looking great!!!
Easy to assemble and really sturdy.
This is perfect for the extra towels in my bathroom! It has a very low profile against the wall, and once it’s together is very solid. It was incredibly easy to put together, and even comes with a cute little hammer.
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