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Pay attention to the four misunderstandings of the cover film of the greenhouse in autumn


The weather turns cold, many places the temperature drops obviously, after entering the winter, once the temperature drops suddenly, even if is in the greenhouse the crop also is difficult to avoid the low temperature freezing damage.At this time, it is necessary to cover the plastic film timely in late autumn and early winter to promote the increase of ground temperature, and meanwhile improve the physical and chemical properties of soil and inhibit the growth of weeds. Mulch simple operation, but also pay attention to many, the following several mulch error as far as possible to avoid opening.

1. Plastic film is close to the base of plant stem

When covering the mulch, do not stick the mulch close to the root of the plant, which may cause the phenomenon of dead seedlings.Because plastic film and stem clingy together, when the temperature is high, soil evaporation of water on plastic film condensation into water droplets, down the stem base downstream, day after day, in the stem base formed a high temperature and high humidity environment, resulting in plant disease leading to death seedlings.

2. Cover the film only in the operating line

In order to reduce the cost, only laying plastic film in the shed operation line, this phenomenon should be avoided.Because laying in the operating line of plastic film can not play the advantages of plastic film, but highlight its disadvantages.The most important function of plastic film covering is to reduce humidity in the shed and reduce the occurrence of diseases.However, the practice of covering with plastic film and planting without covering is not good for reducing the humidity in the shed, because most of the time when the vegetables are watered, the planting without covering with plastic film will not play much role in reducing the air humidity and can not play the effect of heat preservation.

3. Cover the whole shed with plastic film

The whole shed covered with plastic film can effectively inhibit the emergence of weeds in the shed, but also inhibit the gas exchange between the soil and air. Especially after watering, the air permeability of the soil is very poor, resulting in blocked root respiration, poor root growth, weakened ability to absorb nutrients, which seriously affects the growth of the plant.

For a shed covered with film, it is recommended to use steel wire or bamboo pole to support the planting line plastic film, set one at a distance, can achieve water under the film, not only improve the permeability of the soil, but also make the moisture difficult to volatilize out, reduce the humidity in the shed.The best operation is to cover the crop straw, not only to improve the ground temperature, but also to control the humidity in the shed.

4. The shed covered too early

Autumn mulching too early, plant colonization, the outside temperature has not decreased, immediately mulching will lead to excessive temperature, easy to appear stuffy roots, on the other hand, after mulching, the formation of a moist environment in the surface layer, not conducive to root root root growth, may lead to squat seedlings failure, hard to cultivate strong seedlings strong.It is suggested to cover the mulch film 15 days after the planting according to the weather conditions, which is conducive to the root system of seedlings and the cultivation of strong trees.

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