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Non-woven fruit bags are becoming more and more popular


In recent years, non-woven fruit bagging has been more and more widely used in fruit planting. Banana bagging in the Philippines and Central America and grape bagging in Xinjiang have been particularly common.


Non-woven fruit bags are usually white or white and blue. It is made of 100% PP non-woven fabric, or added a certain proportion of anti-aging materials.


Non woven fabric belongs to environmental protection products. It has no environmental pollution and does not affect the growth and nutrient absorption of fruit tree roots. 

It is the only material that can directly contact the fruit surface without being affected. Non woven fabric is soft, odorless, breathable, lighter and water-resistant than paper bags, and more solid than plastic bags. It can withstand wind and rain without scratching the fruit.


The advantages of non-woven fruit bags

The use of non-woven fruit bags can prevent birds and pests from harming fruits.

Prevent the spread and infection of bacteria.

Prevent harmful substances in the air and acid rain from polluting the fruit surface.

Reduce the friction between fruit and other substances and damage the fruit surface.

When spraying pesticides, avoid contact between pesticides and fruits to reduce pesticide residues.

Using non-woven fruit bagging can advance the fruit ripening period by 3 ~ 7 days, which greatly improves the economic benefits of fruit farmers.


Its use method is simple and easy to operate. Now more and more fruit farmers choose to use non-woven fruit bags and benefit from it.


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