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Jinchen tote non woven fabric bags supplier for supermarket

Jinchen tote non woven fabric bags supplier for supermarket

Jinchen tote non woven fabric bags supplier for supermarket

100% Polypropylene
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Company Advantages
1. Paying attention to the non woven polypropylene bags design is also a way to keep competitive in this changing society. Its web is formed by a spinneret spouting out the fiber
2. This product has won the favor of new and old customers at home and abroad. There will not be damage marks after it is folded
3. Compared with other types, non woven fabric bags produced by Dongguan Jinchen Nonwoven Co., Ltd. possess the advantages of non woven polypropylene bags . It has passed the test of tensile strength
4. non woven fabric bags , with features like non woven polypropylene bags , is kind of ideal non woven shopping bags wholesale. The surface of this product is good in gloss
5. It's the superior quality that make our non woven fabric bags win its market rapidly. It has excellent mechanical properties due to its regular structure

Product description
    Nonwoven Crop Covers help protect your crops from insects, wind, rain,frost and burning sun.
    The list of useful benefits from these crop covers include capturing heat on sunny days; retaining heat radiating from the ground at night; protecting plants from cold snaps; reducing occurrences of aphids, root maggots and flea beetles; helping to deter birds and deer from decimating crops through camouflage,helping to avoid to prevent frost and helping to extend the growing season into late fall.
    The standard weight of the fabric is 17 gsm to 23 gsm. We give UV treatment to crop cover as per buyer's requirement like 1% UV, 2% UV or 3% UV.

Product Details


 PP spunbond non woven fabric for plant protection, winter plant protect cover
 Nonwoven plant cover bag, fruit protection bag.

  Material 100% Polypropylene
  Technics Spunbond
  Color White,Black,Beige,Brown Etc
  Width Max 240cm or customized
  Weight 17-100gsm

 For covering crops, trees, flowers, tomatos, roses, gardens, etc. Protects crops from winter cold, frost and insect,speed up the growth,Able to pass air and sun light

,Does not alter the flavour of crops, beneficial for growing

Product Features

Jinchen tote non woven fabric bags supplier for supermarket-1Jinchen tote non woven fabric bags supplier for supermarket-2Unique Products
 Extra width 36M for Agriculture covering with UV Resistant PP

* Small Rolls packing possible until minimum 10m/roll

* Perforated PP Spunbond Nonwoven Fabric

* Laminated (PP+PE, PP+Anti-slip film, PP+airlaid paper, etc. )

Our Team & Service
Our Team & Service: 

--Your inquiry will be replied in 24 hours. 

--Well-trained and experienced sales to answer all you enquiries in fluent English. 

--OEM & ODM, we can help to design any your customized products, and put into production. 

--Protection of your sales area, idea of design and all you private information.

Company Features
1. Mainly manufacturing non woven fabric bags , Dongguan Jinchen Nonwoven Co., Ltd. has great advantage over price.
2. Dongguan Jinchen Nonwoven Co., Ltd. has built a world-class modern non plastic bags factory with product sales and service networks all over the world.
3. To Dongguan Jinchen Nonwoven Co., Ltd., providing best service for customers is what we should sticks to. Inquire online!
I was skeptical about using this rug in my living room but it looks amazing. It is also to maintain especially with two toddlers.
I have had this runner for about a month. I got this so that it would protect my carpet at camp as it is the pathway between kitchen and living room. It does its jobs, however, I have noticed that a couple of spots on the binding have unraveled, but is not running further, so I don't think it will be a problem. Upkeep is exceptional!
A lot of bags for the money. The WILL deteriorate quicker if left in the sun. lijsfd lkjsfd plkj asflkj l l;kjsdf
This is ap great show rack! I eventually bought a 2nd one to put in my closet. My husband and I can fit most of our shoes on it and it looks neat and organized.
Used on last trip to Canada . Stores easily in side pocket of tackle box and kept me dry and help block wind and spray when moving boat . Highly recommend for multiple usage . Light enough for over clothes to not block movement yet effective . I would recommend buying larger sizes for over heavy sweatshirts and coats .
Good sand bags
I wish the height of each level were slightly more so as to accommodate taller shoes (boots, high heels). Overall the material is sturdy and durable. Fits most of my needs.
Easy to assemble and holds my shoes perfectly
The youth large fit my 12 year old daughter perfectly. Remember these are supposed to go over your pants and they're good for packing away in your backpack or bugout bag in case you encounter rain, they aren't for everyday use. They are extremely light.
Works just as expected. Can't beat it for the price. The rain suit worked outstandingly, I used it for a trip to the Boundary Waters on the Canadian boarder for a 9 days of camping, canoeing, and fishing. This rain gear worked very well at keeping me dry even in pouring rain and splashing waves. The gear is light weight and breathes well. It is fairly durable however I would say it will tear if you catch it on brush and branches, but then many materials would.
It is smaller than I wanted - but can't find the bath-powder size puffs just any where - so it will do for now! It's nice. But I think it is way over-priced at $6.99 !! (??????)
This suit SAVED me on a backpacking trip last summer. I can't believe I waited til now to review it. We got caught in torrential downpours every day and I was one of the only ones who stayed dry and relatively warm (I got cold, but others were shivering uncontrollably with their northface rain jackets that eventually soaked through). It runs LARGE, the men's small was still a bit large on me (5'3" 130lb woman). but it worked out perfectly. It was pretty beat up after the 4 day trip, from tree limbs tearing the fabric but it was exactly what I needed. It probably doesn't have a lot of longevity but is light and will keep you dry.
One end closed to prevent fall out. Strong wide Velcro gives a very secure attachment to hang fabric storage. Light gray is subdued yet easy to locate in closet. Lightweight when empty and compresses down to a small compact stack. Keeps items off shelf and off the floor.
Works perfect. Love the grey
Very cheap material. Would not reorder.
Great to work with on product customization.
I purchased this drawstring backpack for my nephew to use at soccer trainings. It happened to be very ideal for a boy at the age of 8. All soccer gear fit into the bag and he is also using it for the school and even almost everyday. Its fabric has quite good quality. Nothing has happened to the bag so far. And he is very happy about it. These bags have pretty good quality despite their cheap price. Their straps are adjustable and so durable. He now wants other colors other than royal. And he asked me to buy some for his friends. :) This bag is really a great gift idea. Especially to make a child happy.
Some dogs have a "color" and my Eddie's color is blue. He's a Labrador / German Shepherd / Doberman Pinscher mix, so that means he's both mouthy and has a *very* strong bite....so much so, he's managed to destroy many nylon (and even Kevlar) leashes. However, he's lately gotten much better about not biting on leashes, so I decided to try this leash / collar combo. In addition to his biting, Eddie is also a "tweener" size - he's very tall (26 inches) but also pretty lean and narrow-chested so he always tends to fall 'tween" a medium and a large size when it comes to collars and harnesses. So when considering which size of these sets, I was a bit torn between the medium and the large. I really was leaning toward the large, because I really wanted the 1" width on the collar and leash, but with Eddie's neck measuring 19 inches, the large would have to be adjusted to nearly its minimum size to fit him, and with other collars and harnesses, I had some issues with adjustments slipping and constantly needed to be re-adjusted. Well, the adjustment issue turned out to be a non-issue. The collar has a small plastic bracket that slides down to where the collar is adjusted and keeps it there. That is a huge win. Eddie's current collar, a very expensive item from Ruffwear, does not have a clip like that and needs to be adjusted almost every day - or at least checked when he's walked, as his head can easily pop out of the collar if he suddenly pulls backward. The plastic clip which secures the collar also gave me a bit of pause, as I had selected the Ruff wear collar for its metal clip, and as Eddie can really pull suddenly when aroused (he's 75 pounds and an agility / hunting dog so he's *very* strong) but the plastic clip on the Gordon Wear collar is also very strong - one of the strongest I've seen - thicker and strong than the plastic clips on the popular PetSafe EasyWalk harness that Eddie also uses. The collar material itself is strong nylon, and easily survives trips to the woods and beach, and rolling in the mud better than his current collar, which is made of a cotton blend which really needs to be scrubbed sometimes to come clean. The leash is made of the same attractive, durable nylon as the collar. The handle’s padded, which is a nice touch. The padding is a durable rubber foam which wipes clean, and there’s also a metal D-ring through the handle which means you can wear it around your waist if you want to or clip the handle to a fence with a Carabiner or put your dog’s tags on the leash. The handle’s very comfortable in my hand, and if I need to choke up on the leash it does not dig into my wrist. Overall, I like this combo very much - the price is very reasonable; something comparable at a big-box pet store would likely be twice as much, but yet I've rarely seen leashes and collars of this quality at Petco or PetSmart, and never in this attractive blue color. I received this item for free from Gordon Wear for my honest and unbiased review. Pros: • Durable Nylon, nice blue color • Plastic hardware is very strong • Collar stays at its adjusted size with plastic bracket •xa0Padded handle • D-ring on handle lets you wear it around your waist if you want Cons: • Would be nice if handle were somewhat adjustable •xa0Martingale collar option would be nice •xa0Medium option with 1 inch width would be nice
Rough texture but great for runners in high traffic areas.
As many of the other reviewers mentioned, this rug is a darker blue than what is pictured. If you are ok with that, then this rug works very well. We use it outside on an old deck in poor condition, and it does a great job of covering up some of the problem spots until we save for a longer term solution. I love the pop of color it provides too, it really livened up the space! I would give it 5 stars if the color pictured was accurate.
Not super tough, but not supposed to be. These do a good job, but if you wear them on an extended hike, they will get a few tears and holes, but for the price and light weight they are great. Just carry a little duct tape and patch them as you need to. I plan to replace them and use them on my next hike. If you are not going on a long trip in the woods these would probably last years. I totally recommend them.
I find I love these. They are comfortable and durable, compared to cheaper ones. They are anti-slip though not as much as hospital ones. Still a great slip cover at a very good price.
The bags are good. Service was good. I'd like to see the opening sown like some of the other vendors. Your new tie cord is much better. I have had a few develop small holes but not a big deal
Arrived as described. At first glance, while it is rolled up, it looks darker than pictured and with more olive tones. But when you unroll it and put it out the general color matches the product picture. Very pleased, it’s a low pile outdoor rug that will serve our purpose well. We put it on our dark wood deck to protect our dogs feet in the hot part of the summer when the deck becomes untouchable. Since it’s so long it spans both the patio door and the dog door perfectly.
Looks great. We have it on hardwood floor so it needed an anti-slip underneath it.
I purchased this rain suit for a trip to Peru, because it is lightweight and cheap. While I only used it a couple of times in light rain, it performed well. However, the durability is not the best. The fabric is thin and easily abraded. After only a couple of uses, the zipper is now difficult to thread. Because of the light weight, this suit is an excellent choice for travel wear in moderate temperatures. However, it is convenience-wear and I would not trust it in low temperatures, when you cannot get out of the weather.
They are indeed waterproof. Visualize taking a sheet of printer paper; wad it up and squeeze it and then unwrinkle it and lay it flat and then coat it with a coating of saran wrap on the outside. That's about how the material is to me in terms of feel, weight and durability. I bought these because I have a Marmott raincoat that's fairly lite, but after 10 minutes in the rain I start to get wet. Not with these Frogg Toggs, though. However, the Marmott is going to wear much better and won't tear as easily as the Frogg Togg material will. They unfortunately feel like they're made to be 'disposable,' but yeah, they're lite and waterproof. Be careful not to snag your Frogg Toggs on anything though because they'll tear easily.
Husband is on his 2nd one. He loves it. The first one lasted over 3 years but got torn by accident. Its the only rain coat he wants to wear.
This combo has such a nice feel to it, the blue really "pops" nice and shiny :) The handle has a slip-resistant (for sweaty hands!) pad a bit that's not mushy-soft so it's nice and comfy. I really like the heavy duty ring that's on the handle (shown in picture) very sturdy, great for hanging keys, poop bags, or whatever on it! (I hang my bluetooth speaker from it). The collar is easily adjustable and is made from the same material as the leash - matches perfectly! While I'm not a "huge" fan of quick disconnects on the collar this one seems very sturdy and nice design. This is a very nice set, use as a combo or just as a leash and a back-up collar - either way you will be very happy! ***** Jim
Used it one time and the bottom of the bag has a hole in it already.
These bags are great! Firstly, no one needs to ask your fan loyalty, so they are good conversation starters at the stores. The bags hold a lot of heavy groceries--I've had 4, 2-liter bottles in them or a couple gallon bottles. Instead of 20 plastic bags, I have to struggle with many fewer bags. As far as the struggle...the bags have long handles so that you can hang them off your shoulder or strap them over your arm as well as hand carry a few at a time. Rectangular bags fit nicely in a shopping cart. I've used them quite a few times (more than a dozen) and they are as strong as new. One bag got snagged and has a small hole, but it does not continue to rip there. It's also a great tote for all occasions to show your team spirit. There are other MLB team bags as well as NCAA bags available at some retailers. Prices for these bags can vary a lot. I do miss plastic bags to use for dog clean up but buy much smaller, less wasteful bags. Eh, I don't think I'd want re-usable bags for that.
We use these pads for our 12 lb terrier. She has been trained to use pads. We have tried every pad available and these pads, by far, work better than any we purchased. They are light weight and as large as any sold that claim to be heaven duty and super absorbent. The new pads are very absorbent and easy to handle. Our dog loves them and never misses her target. I recommend these pads highly. Don’t waist your time searching for pads. These are the best.
Does the job when my husband has accidents. Soft and absorbent. Covers a large area and is perfect for use on the bed or chair.
The order was here so fast! I filled them less than halfway to keep the weight manageable for me, and to keep them flexible so they will conform to the surface and each other. I have not bought any others so I can’t compare, but I liked how the ties were attached to each bag. No fumbling around to grab them, and no loosing them for the unused bags that I’ll store for the next time I need them. I had a just a little water come in last night, but nothing got past the sandbags. The real test will be when a lot comes in, as has happened three times this summer already. I feel the bags will hold it back well, and direct it to the drains. I highly recommend this product
I loaded these bags about 2/3 full of dirt. They worked well, until they had been in direct sunlight for 2-3 weeks, at which point they disintegrated upon lifting them, into a horrible mess of soil mixed with plastic fibers. Whatever UV coating they have, if any, quickly dies away. Therefore I can only recommend these for short-term (less than I'd say 2 weeks) and/or shaded area applications.
These wooden spoons are great for any kind of cooking. My mom bought several onesie this from India and I always was looking for where I could but them here in the United States. In stores they are too pricey, but here online is a great price. I love these spoons because they never get tinted- no matter what you are cooking (a lot of turmeric powder is used in Indian cooking) and these spoons are very durable. Another plus is that they do not get hot even if you leave them in a pot or pan while cooking(metal spoons will burn up which I hate). Great purchase for all purpose cooking!
Nice runners for covered back deck saves dirt on my installed indoor/outdoor carper Bought 3 @$50 each and then the following week they went on sale. I contacted the company and they are issuing a credit Monday. So happy with purchase and seller and may be ordering a few more once I measure the areas to verify they will fit I think I will need six footers so may have to keep looking.
I asked about the color before I bought it. I was told it is a brown green, not a yellow green. It is definitely a yellow green. Not what I wanted at all but too much of a hassle to return so I Wil have to find somewhere to use it. Also the ends are not straight at all
Much higher quality than I was expecting. Easy to put on and take off. They do the job well
The booties are easy to put in and very convenient. The reason I only gave them 3 Stars is that they are very slippy when on and I’m afraid I’m going to fall
I ordered this as I wanted these specific colors. I read other reviews and want to make it clear, this is an outdoor rug. It's thin material that almost feels like jute, for me I would never use it indoors. The black and beige colors are true to the photo. Lastly, it is not worth almost $200. You can find these rugs at Home Depot, Costco etc.
puppies love them makes clean up MUCH easier when you have 9 pups being trained.
just what I wanted
Happy with this and loved how light weight it is for backpacking
I used these bags to construct and earthbag foundation and they seem to be holding up perfectly. I took care not to leave them exposed to direct sunlight whenever possible and I have had no problems with degradation or breaking. A good buy
These worked well and were delivered on time as expected
I use it for my body powder, it's big and perfect to speed up powdering
Bags are exactly as advertised. I would recommend them.
True to size, I love that it is light weight yet still keeps me dry.
We own a vehicle transporting business that keeps us outside during all types of weather. This is the 2nd pair of Frogg Toggs due to us not drying out the first pair. Make sure to dry them out after being in the rain so you do not have to live with the smell of mildew!! This is a great product that works great in rain and snow!!
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