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Jinchen pp spunbond nonwoven fabric factory for furniture

Jinchen pp spunbond nonwoven fabric factory for furniture

Jinchen pp spunbond nonwoven fabric factory for furniture

100% Polypropylene
Supply Ability:
1000 tons per Month
Within 3.3 meters
Min.Order Quantity:
Supply Type:
Make to order
Place of Origin:
Guangdong, China
Company Type:
By sea(or as customer requirement)
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Company Advantages
1. Jinchen has found a fine balance between the utilitarian side of pp spunbond nonwoven fabric and a cute outlook. It has good heat resistance with a melting point of 164~170 °C
2. R&D and marketing ability are two fundamental kinds of 'core competence' for Dongguan Jinchen Nonwoven Co., Ltd.. It comes in various colors, which can be customized according to needs
3. The product will not accumulate bacteria and dust. The small pores of the fibers have high filtration for the small particles or impurities. Its web is formed by a spinneret spouting out the fiber
4. This product is less likely to get pilling. The singeing treatment has removed and burned off any surface hairs or surface fibers. There will not be damage marks after it is folded
5. It can retain its color perfectly. High-quality dyestuff and advanced dyeing technique are adopted to make the color stick tightly to the fabric. Its raw materials are 100% pure polypropylene from China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation

Product Detail

Product Namenon woven bed sheet for hospital in roll
MaterialPP nonwoven
Customized DesignYes

WHITE or other

Delivery Time24 hours from stock, 7-10 days for a bulk order.
Shipping WaysDHL; TNT; EMS; Fedex; UPS; Maersk ect.
Payment TermsFOB, CIF, CFR
Terms of PaymentL/ C; T/ T; Paypal; ESCROW; Western Union; Money Gram.
Original PlaceGuangzhou/ Shenzhen
UsageHealth & Medical, Textile, Shoes & Accessories, Security & Protection and so on.


1. Professional production technology.

2. Complete testing equipment.

3. The price is reasonable and discounts are provided according to the ordered quantity.

4. Accept OEM & ODM, we can customize according to your requirements.

5. Quality assurance and perfect after-sales service.

6. Efficient production line and stable production volume.

Company Features
1. Dongguan Jinchen Nonwoven Co., Ltd. is a leading company in pp spunbond nonwoven fabric industry by dealing with Printing & Embossed Nonwoven Fabric.
2. We have advanced manufacturing setup. They run under a dust-proof and humidity-controlled environment and help our factory maintain optimum manufacturing conditions.
3. Under the guidance of the strategy of black non woven fabric , Dongguan Jinchen Nonwoven Co., Ltd. will firmly continue its innovation technology. Get info!
I love them! I have been using the pots for years now and find that most plants do better in them than they do in my garden.
Awesome product perfect size for small areas to work with.. 1-bag 2 cu ft. Made 4 pots. Which is cost effective in my books considering the amount of plants growing in the 5x5 tent..
this is nice sturdy, durable fabric for seasonal planting, easy to stored and can be reuse for next plating
Provides air root pruning amd promotes growth far better than hrowing in the ground or in a pot! I will be using these bags from now on.
Working beautifully. Great pots if you are limited in space but still want to garden. I have planted sweet potatoes, tomatoes, and chilies.
This is my second time purchasing. I had the first set over a year and they are still holding up great in the Arizona sun. Very well constructed!
The material is slightly thinner than Smart Pots BUT the price point is amazing. Hopefully these bags will give me at least two seasons of growing.
Product was well made. Did not notice out of the ordinary smell. Bought 3 packages for a large 4 bedroom home, 40 foot truck's worth but needed 4 packages. Would def buy again! Made moving my dining chairs and library shelves a breeze!
I would say that these are pretty good, they came a little ripped in two of the blankets and since then one ripped rather easily. They are cheap, so I can't complain. You get what you pay for. They're pretty decent for the price. Overall, it's okay. Does the job you need.
Great use for this year's garden.
Much thicker than the blankets I usually rent when moving. Was able to pre-wrap some cabinets with glass doors with more care than my "found on face book" movers would have. I've found that many non-professional movers don't even like to use the blankets, so wanted to be sure that they got used. Just secured with some shrink wrap tape to keep it in place. Worked great. Also wrapped my heavy dining table after I took off the legs. That saved a lot of room in the truck and wear and tear to the table and me. Saved a lot of time and reduced my stress level. Moving always brings out the OCD in me, and this was very reassuring. Afterword, I stored them in space bags, so I'll have them for next time.
Good stickyness
We are packing ourselves for moving. I bought one 12-pieces pack initially, It's very good quality and all the people who helps me packing praise these blankets. I have since ordered another 2 packs.
For me, they didn't smell much at all. They worked absolutely perfectly. I wrapped my couch with them and duct taped them in place and then put more blankets in between my wood furniture. Not a scratch came through. One of the wooden pieces tore through part of the blanket, but didn't get all the way. The duct tape will tear the blanket when you pull it off, but the blankets are still good for another trip if need be. They saved my furniture big time and it was well worth it.
They're quite thin, but they also don't cost as much as the thicker ones. Ours generated some lint, but we didn't have any real problems with them other than needing 2 in a couple of places where 1 thicker one would have done the job. Good value.
Good value for the money. Could be a little thicker but, in the short term, these fulfilled the need to wrap up and protect the furniture that was moved and placed in storage. I should have purchased more quantity as i needed more than I purchased & you may need more than you anticipate.
Great buy and price well made.
Look great and are holding up well in my office. Storing toys and games. Affordable price.
These bags are strong and durable. They are very easy to store, and move around on my patio. I will be purchasing more!
I grew tomatoes and bell peppers in these pots and they are doing very well. Will purchase more for my honeysuckle and other plants. Excellent alternative to expensive big pots. Plus changing pots can be very easy!
Love these things! Finally got on the bandwagon and glad I did. Too easy and convenient! Need the bigger ones next time, tho.
Great way to garden with space constraints. I have tomato’s, zucchini, watermelon, and cucumber growing nicely
I was really impressed with these, considering the cost. I used these for our tomato plants, and they worked great. They are very lightweight and easy to move around with the handles. For a family on a budget, these are a wonderful choice!
Primo- they work like a champ- excellent construction- great seller! unbezo's like!
Bags are larger and holds more soil and cost less but they dry out faster. think I will just but large pots...
Love these felt planters! Super sterdy and reusable.
These are great storage cubes. I like the color (navy) and quality of the fabric/construction. Very nice for the price.
Great quality, very sturdy. I just don’t like the odor it came with and I’m hoping it goes away...
I am impressed by the durability of these pots given their price. They have been lifted and moved around many times in my indoor garden, plants were vegged for about a month and a half. Will post pics of the roots in another month or so if I can remember. Would recommend these and will purchase them again.
Really great. I am a grouch so when I say something good, you should listen. We are on virgin garden soil here, and it may be a year or two before our ground will come up to grade for gardening. Purchased these and some bag soil (potting soil, black kow, peat moss) and the bags are surpassing expectation. One note... place the bags into some sort of plastic tote. Water and rain tend to go right through the bag and they will dry out quickly, not to mention the nutrients washing out with in the water. You will find some very nice "compost tea" in the bottom of the tote which the plant will continue to use or which you can scoop out and use on other plants! Overall I am pleased with the bag system. Here in SC we are plagued with every possible insect and pest. Squash bugs, stink bugs, vine borers are the worst. We are going to try greenhouses and garden fabric to protect the plants. We have tomatoes, peppers, squash, and melons in the bags. Very simple solution, cheap, and reusable for a number of seasons.
I bought a set of 7 gallon bags to plant peppers and basil in my apartment patio in October 2018. The handles on the bags are the best thing for a petite person like me. It makes it very easy for me to move the bags without snapping my stick like wrists, neck or back. The bags are holding up great still and they did see all the weathers. I am in Arizona and October can be pretty drying for small containers. I had to water the plants every day in October. The soil would get really dry and the fabric of the bags is very porous. If the soil is not packed completely along the walls of the bag, the water leaks out from the sides when watering. Also the water drains out quickly when bag is watered at once. As a solution to this, I water half the amount needed in the center of the bag and let the soil absorb the water, then I water the rest half amount. I would suggest not putting the bags in wet areas because it does have some fabric mixed in and it will eventually wilt/decompose. The pepper plants had the misfortune of snapping during a storm. They never really got healthy. Despite that one of the pepper plants now has 5 baby cubanelle peppers. The basil grew very well in these and I have already made basil pesto 4 times. I think for a beginner gardener with no access to a backyard, this is a great set of quality containers!
These containers worked perfect for our rooftop condo garden. The light-weight construction and convenient handles sure work better than lugging traditional pots up the stairs to our rooftop. So far our plants seem to like them and are growing well. We purchased the 7gal size - I'm not sure they are really that big. Each pot took about 1 cubic foot of soil to fill to a reasonable height.
Easy to put together and use but wouldnt use if heavy items need to be stored
Used as clothing storage. Ample space. Easy to essemble. Great quality. Very statisfied with the purchase.
Using it a shoe rack.
Love it
Love these bags! We have horrible soil here and unpredictable Spring weather. These bags solved both problems. I created a trough and feed bag garden (that's what these bags look like to me) in February and I already have tomatoes and peppers April. Large candle jars as cloches and wall of waters that fit perfectly over the bags have made a perfect garden this year.
I was hesitant to purchase because I've never strayed far from smart pots, the price was the deciding factor. I will never purchase smart pots again! Love these things.
- I recently purchased this for my room & I love it. I plan on buying the same one to put my manga (books) on. ???? - The directions were very easy to follow. It was very easy & fun to assemble (I’m 22 & did it myself). It came with a hammer that you have to use. - You can choose the way you want to set it up. I chose to set it up this way because I thought it look cute & I widened the top part to fit all my anime on one roll. - Very sturdy so it’s able to hold a good amount of stuff. Cubes are a nice size to fit things inside & bins. My movies, games, books, and tall yearbooks fit great inside & holds it well. ????
So it's coming onto about a year since I first purchased the 247 Garden bags. I have the 5 gallon and 7 gallon bags. I hope this feedback helps. I'm not a professional gardener but I like planting various things from fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers and more, inside and outside. These can be beneficial for you depending on your needs. Here's my feedback: The Good: - Holds enough soil for your plant needs and the handles are easy to pick up and move short distances (or to the back of a truck) to move around - Drains water very well - Affordable enough when the Amazon dot com price changes to a lower value, but still cheaper than anything I'm aware of at a hardware store - Did not cause 'burn' or any heat concern with the plants The Bad: - Some of the handles arrived ripped or not fully sewn on - Did not stop the roots from some plants from growing through the bag (yes I realize this means I need to get a larger container) The Ugly: - I grow an assortment of plants, all of which have various water needs and sun requirements. Many of the bags had mold/fungus growing on them, regardless if they were a higher or lower water need, full sun or partial. This has not happened with other containers I've used (example: Orange Home Depot buckets with holes in the bottom, large plastic containers, clay pots) and for me it was not wanted at all
Love how it can transform into different shapes and styles. Sturdier than expected. Great buy.
Product as described..easy to assemble..I would recommend this and may purchase it again..
Very nice quality and great color (red).1
me encantaron y llegaron e el tiempo estimado
They are cute and look really nice on a shelf. They are opaque, stand up good and store flat when you're not using them. However I was sensitive to an odor on them. Some people might not mind that, and it will probably go away after being aired, but I did send them back. The company was very good about allowing me to return them for a full reimbursement.
I love the sturdiness of these cubes. I bought one set and like them so much, I ordered 2 more sets. They have handles on both sides, so if one side gets abused or dirty can be turned around and have a new clean side. I like that two handles for easy carry.
These cubes are the same as sold in retail stores, big box stores and others. The only difference is in price. This set includes 6 well constructed folding cubes for the price of 1 sold in a retail store. I could not be happier that I chose these. They are even sturdy enough to stack a few without a cube shelving system.
They’re aesthetically pleasing. If you want to use the flat piece as a lid, they won’t stay flat. But if you keep it at the bottom you won’t gave to worry.
Small cloth boxes. What can you say? They are as advertised. Smaller than I expected, but that's my own fault. The dimensions were given, I just didn't pay attention.
The fact that other reviewers before me gave either 4 or 5 stars attracted me. I read all their reviews before purchase. I can confirm that it assembles real quick and easy. No missing part and it works as advertised. I stocked it with UK9 (US10) shoes/boots after moving home to the US. It took 4.5pairs of shoes per level (i.e 4pairs of shoes and 1 foot of another) and 45pairs in total for the 10 levels. I have 6inches and 8inches Timberland boots at the top. Other slightly flexible boots like Palladium boots fitted well into the inner levels and as well as Timberland Euro Hiker boot. Fitting other shoes (Russell and Bromley, Loakes etc) were all easy. Giving example of shoe names is not intended to show off put. I am just being detailed hoping it might help others to have an either of how good this shoe rack is. Once shoes are on it, you can't move the rack or it will come apart. If you need to change the position, just get all your shoes off first and you're good to go. It is good for its price. I have another all-metal small 3 level shoes rack that takes just 9pairs I bought in a shop for over $20 and it is sturdy all-ways but I prefer this for its capacity, light weight and affordability. I set it up in a walk-in wardrobe next to a wall and it is just fine. If free standing in a room, it will work but if knock accidentally, it may wobble a bit. Overall I am very satisfied, highly recommend it and would buy again.
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