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custom PP Spunbond Nonwoven covers for furniture

custom PP Spunbond Nonwoven covers for furniture

Custom PP Spunbond Nonwoven covers for furniture

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TT, L/C at sight, Paypal, Western union
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Make to order
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Dongguan,Guangdong, China
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By sea(or as customer requirement)
Spun bond
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Got the job done but my finger can almost poke a hole through the blankets.
Nice , sturdy and reliable, will purchase again
Not as think as those that moving companies use, but definitely did the job for me. Used them to protect picture frames, TV and mirrors.
Great blankets for what I needed them for. Thank you,
Great product
No smell other than what you would expect from new fabric smell. Heavier than expected! Going to order another batch because of the size, quality and price!
Great value!
These blankets are thin (barely more than two flannel shirts' thick) but seem to be stitched well and should protect furniture well.
they look a little cheap. but for the price is completely fine
This can be used anywhere - sturdy and nice looking =)
Great deal! We have had movers use these to wrap and protect our furniture with big moves, now we purchased this to protect our furniture from animals when we are not home. This came packaged very well in a large sack.
Everything as promised
WOrk as expected
Nice and cheap. They did their job, but it was only one move. Would buy again if needed.
I have used this transfer material on mirror and glass to create personalized mosaics. They turned out great. Great medium
Happy with the product
very good
I have not used this product yet, but as far as I can tell it will be as I hoped it will be. I wish these reviews could wait until we have had them for awhile so we could give them a fair review. This product may be a life saver then again it may be a dud. Can't be sure until I have an occasion to use it. Thus the 3 stars.
TAP - Transfer Artist Paper is a mixed bag. For the past 20 years I have been a workshop instruction in fine and natural arts at a large state college. . This is my take on TAP After using several different heat transfer papers, I was delighted and disappointed with TAP. It is wonderful in many way. And terrible at the same time. It is fabulous for use on fabric. There is no reason that I can see to use it on paper. You can get better results at a much lower cost when you print directly on paper with your inkjet or laser printer. At over $2 per sheet for TAP, there is no way to justify using TAP for paper. On the plus side for fabric, it is beautiful and soft. Wears nicely and can be washed with no peeling or sticking. For example, when making a family memory quilt with photos of the generations, it is a wonderful tool. I use it on small gauze bags and T-shirts. There is nothing else that comes close to the quality of a TAP transfer. It is not laser friendly and will actually ruin your printer. So only use it with your inkjet printer. You can also use rubber stamps, aging ink, and colored markers. But although the instructions indicate that using colored pencils works, I find the pencils scratch the clay off the surface and therefore I don't recommend using them. On glass, wood and other surfaces, the results are going to be mixed. Many factors come into play such as surface smoothness and how the surface reacts to extreme heat. Now for the biggest single negative; . . Shelf Life. First they don't date it. So it is hard to know when it was manufactured. Almost everyone selling it, including here where it's being offered by the creator, it appears to still be old stock. How do you tell? There are several things to look for: 1) The old stock package has the sheet information placed on the center of the cover. The newer stock has the sheet at the bottom of the cover. 2) The old stock comes with a bonus cover sheet. The new stock does not. 3) Look as the sheets: the back of the older stock is a darker purple than the newer stock. 4) The printable surface of the newer stock is smooth on the older stock. It is thicker and has more texture on the newer stock. So how long is it good for? The creator says about 3 years. We have found it only works for about half that long: Between 12 and 18 months. I am referring to stock that has remained sealed in the package until it is removed for use. For us, the fail rate of the older stock after 18 months has been about 90%. But it fresh and use it within a year. You will love it. Make sure you keep it in a sealed package before and after you print on it until just before you plug in your iron. I hope this helps.
This is the best transfer product I've tried, and over the last 20 years I have messed about with most of them. Recently I printed out 26 different images for an alphabet book and I used exactly 26 pieces! (These were transferred to different fabrics from shantung through upholstery weight cottons and all took it well) NO re-dos or bad images, everything went perfectly. My only hope is that someday it also is manufactured in larger sizes, but for now I am thrilled with a product that is so reliable.
Easily set up and my 10month old granddaughter loves to bounce on it! Feet can't quite reach the floor but we assist her!
Very fun well made horse. Bought it for my 8 month old and my eight year old daughter loves it too!!
SUPER cute. Ten inches is a little small - easy to outgrow. No defects with mine- would recommend!
Cute and durable
Love's it
My boys love these, they race around the house on them, and just sit on them while watching tv! And at a great price!
The covering seems to be tearing at the seams very easily.
This is adorable, and my niece loves it, but the seams are not done well. The first one I ordered had a 2" hole along a leg seam, so I ordered a replacement. The replacement also had a hole along a seam. I had to see it up before giving as a gift.
Perfect way to buy elastic to avoid having small pieces left over after your sewing project is completed. Elastic is good quality and the product is exactly as described.
I’ve used several of these since purchasing. They are very comfortable. They have a smell like anything that is new but it’s a smell that you’d expect and I don’t notice it after a few seconds. Ive used them while doing yard work, cleaning the garage, going in the attic, and cleaning cars. On me they tend to slide up and block my vision slightly but I’m using them in a very active manner. They don’t move when I’m still or just walking around. I highly recommend these for preventing inhalation of dust and pollen. I actually received compliments about my cool mask when I wore one to the doctor’s office.
These seemed like a really good deal. I was getting 100 masks for just a bit more than I usually spend on 25. I also liked that they were black. Unfortunately, they did not work in a dusty environment as well as my usual medical type ear loop masks do. They are also smaller than standard masks. I had to wear 2 of them to cover from the bridge of my nose to my chin. I think they might work okay for smaller people, I consider myself to be about average size. They are not bad, but they are also not great. Thanks.
Absolutely love this band. The rash on my wrist from the plastic fitbit band cleared up within a couple days of using this metal one. I did not experience the issues that other have had with slipping the band over my hand.....which is surprising as I feel like I have larger hands than most women. I like that the metal clasp is so easy to adjust but once in place locks securely to the band. I never feel like this band would fall off, unlike a prior Jawbone tracker which would fall off all the time.
Before you order this get an 8.5 inch loop of some kind that will not stretch at all. If you can get that over your hand and onto your wrist you should be fine. If not then you will have a hard time putting this on. I could barely get this band over my hand even with my thumb pushed into my palm. It seems comfortable once it's on and I like the look better than the default band, though. I'm kind of worried it's going to rip out some arm hairs though...
Good product, only problem is it scratches really easily, I had it for a day noticed it already had a scratch on it. So it's not super durable when it comes to the paint on the top of the band but it seems to be holding up everywhere else. I love the magnetic band, makes it easy to adjust and it's not super tight which I really like.
I like it. I have small wrists the top of the band looks like very big on my wrist and I didn't like that but I like how easy it is to get on and off-the magnetic clasp is great. The magnetic band, makes it easy to adjust the band to fit perfectly.
i got these today and boy its really nice! i was hesitant to buy this but since the reviews are mostly positive so why not give it a try! i definitely made a right decision then! now my fitbit charge 2 watch is looking fab!!! its kinda like its givin it a hi end look feel... i did purchased the rose gold and its gorgeous!!! the magnet is really good... it comes with a nice packaging... totally will recommend this product!! very worth it!!!
Bought one from another seller that broke and fell apart in the middle of my work day. Bought this one and it attaches firmly, feels solid, magnet doesn't slip around-- perfect! Exactly what it should be.
I am a little disappointed with this band. While I like the ability to adjust the band to fit perfectly, I do find the magnet doesn't seem to hold the band in place as well as I would have liked causing the band to become loose when doing activities. My biggest issue is that the band will snag on fabric. While no clothing has been destroyed, it is only a matter of time.
I bought a Charge over black Friday and knew right away I wanted a different band. The champagne color is great. Classy yet neutral enough to wear with ANYTHING. The magnetic closure means I can adjust it during the day to EXACTLY where I need it. Great product and accessory for my new Charge.
Super cute and fits perfectly. I ordered a small. The magnetic clasp is strong and I was able to wear it during a workout without any issues.
Seriously love this product. Being able to adjust the band by small increments is awesome... the only drawback so far is that the magnet is also attracted to the handle of grocery carts, which kinda weirded me out for a minute or two. Love the color, love the band.
Born on the thin side but aging and measuring about 41-42" around the gut. First time boxer user cause another type (panty?) is getting tight around the legs. I like these very much. Extra large just good fit, and the trunks not too long. Stitching around the legs came off but it looks like just the edge, not the whole hem. Bought 3 sets but should have tried the first set longer and through more washing cycles. But so far these feel very comfortable, soft and easy on the weight gaining body. If the stitching deteriorate further, will come back for another review.
Excellent shoe rack. It's very sturdy, and more attractive than most plastic racks....I just have one complaint- see photo below
This is a REVELATION! This is my 4th shoe rack and the first one that is just plain awesome. From experience: 1.) Do not buy a shoe rack that does not have anything for the shoes to sit on except 2 posts. Your shoes will fall through. 2.) Do not buy a shoe rack with slanted racks. Your shoes will fall off. You do have to assemble this shoe rack, but it was pretty easy to make. But I love that it actually fits my shoes and they don't fall off!!! I keep it by the door so I put my shoes on there quickly, and I'm sick of shoe racks where I have to place my shoes carefully or they fall off. This fits 20 pairs (4 per row) of fairly large shoes easily. This is shared by someone with women's size 8.5 and men's size 11.5 shoes. Our big hiking boots also fit easily.
Good patches, he likes the designs. The stay on great and come off easily.
While the product is great, I was disappointed to find that several “G1” pieces were missing and I could not complete the top tier.
Excellent shoes rack worked great for me easy assssmble
I spent at least a month researching cube systems that would work for my needs. I wanted a system that was stable and would not topple over, was easy to assemble, rearrange, increase or decrease in size, and allow personal decorative expression -- and reasonably priced. If any of these concerns is important to you, then I highly recommend this cube system. I don't know much about this company except that I found their product on Amazon, and am so glad I did. I have written only about 3 reviews in my life, and only do so for the best products based on my experience. A wonderful product! Loved it so much, I have now assembled 28 cubes and have much better organization. Thanks to Songmics and Amazon for offering this cube system.
Holds so much. If it would ever break I would buy it again.
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