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colorful pp spunbond nonwoven fabric with customized service for sale

colorful pp spunbond nonwoven fabric with customized service for sale

Colorful pp spunbond nonwoven fabric with customized service for sale

100% polypropylene
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T/T,L/C,D/P(at sight)
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1 ton
Lead Time:
within 7 days upon receipt of deposit
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Guangdong, China (Mainland)
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Sea transportation
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According to customer demand
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Product Comparison
Under the guidance of market, Jinchen Nonwoven constantly strives for innovation. nonwoven has reliable quality, stable performance, good design, and great practicality.Jinchen Nonwoven's nonwoven has the following advantages over products in the same category.
Company Advantages
1. Jinchen non woven polyethylene fabric will be scrutinized in an all-round way. Failure analysis will be conducted once it is finished, including fatigue failure, corrosion failure, toughness and brittle fracture, etc.
2. Quality guarantee plans and activities are developed to prevent nonconformities.
3. The performance of the product is recognized by the third party authorities.
4. With the greater market response, the product is sure to be applied more in the global market.
5. The product is becoming more and more popular in the industry for its broad application prospects.

Company Features
1. From the beginning of the brand's creation, Dongguan Jinchen Nonwoven Co., Ltd. has focused on the innovative development of pp spunbond nonwoven fabric .
2. The quality of our polypropylene spunbond nonwoven fabric still keeps unsurpassed in China.
3. Jinchen aims to solve the business and technical challenges to adapt to different development phases. Inquire! A mutual goal helps Jinchen to develop better. Inquire! Dongguan Jinchen Nonwoven Co., Ltd. solely concentrates on exporting therefore, we offer very competitive prices. Inquire!
My wife and I actually go back and forth about the viability of this product. I am a bit perturbed that it allows too much of my face to be seen. My wife, on the other hand, enjoys the fact that our bedsheets are still on the bed when I get back from a meeting. She was getting really sick of missing bedsheets, and even more so with bedsheets being returned with holes cut in them. If you are a grand wizard you could probably justify the purchase price of this product, but a lay member may wish to go with a more affordable option. Basically, you need to weigh the pros and cons of this product and make a decision that is prudent for both you and your family. Please note, this review was satirical in nature. Given the political climate, I worry that it could be taken the wrong way.
I have issues with the circulation in my legs. Sitting with my feet flat on the floor is not comfortable and I haven’t been able to find anything that is just the right height. This foot hammock is awesome. I was a bit skeptical at first, but I figured, what the heck? So I tried it. The package arrived quickly. It’s a nice thick piece of fabric attached to heavy duty hooks with adjustable cords on both sides. My desk is shaped like an L and I sit at the “elbow” section of it, so I had to put the hooks in a couple of different sections on the desk before I finally got it to where I needed it. The best part is that it is adjustable so I can move the hammock part higher or lower depending on how my legs are feeling that day. I would definitely recommend this. It’s not just a gimmick like I thought it would be. I was offered this product at a discounted rate for my honest review. However, that did not sway my opinion in any way. If I didn’t like it or it didn’t work like the description said it would, I would have returned the foot hammock.
The sun shade sails I purchased from windscreen4less and just put up yesterday are great. The difference between the direct sun light on us and being under our new sun shade sail while out on our new patio is unbelievable. The sun is on are patio from sun up to sun set so it gets hot and uncomfortable to use. But now even the patio stones are cooler so we can go out on the patio in bare feet. It is great, we even had lunch and dinner out back on our patio with out sweating or sun glasses. Purchasing from windscreen4less was easy and we received our sails ahead of schedule. Not only are they a great buy, they are very sturdy. You can see they are a quality product. They add a whole other dimension to our patio. We Love them and will be ordering more very soon. The colors, shapes and the custom sizes allow you to change the mood on the patio for what ever event you might have planned and we are already making plans for our next party. Thank You ! Alan S.
I wanted to wait out the summer. We live on a hill and get a lot of wind. We also got a ton of rain this summer. This sail took it all with zero damage. It protects a sitting area under a large oak tree. Lots of bird droppings. Garden hose washed most of it off and when we took it down Dawn and a soft brush got is clean as new. One suggestion. The sail will sag, especially after a rain. I hooked one corner to the oak tree and then set two 4X4 poles for the other two corners. They are about 8 1/2 feet off the ground and I wish they were about 2 feet higher.
Lightweight, good strength and grommets are well sewn into the fabric. Easy to work with. Takes a little creativity to put up but shades well. I gave it a 4 star only because the color beige we ordered is pretty muted.
These are absolutely wonderful! We purchased these 2 of these for our wedding to shade the dance floor. We used them to cover a rug-covered portion of a paved-gravel driveway. They were stunning. Easily attached to the rental tent and easily posted with tall dry bamboo stalks into the ground. They were still up the next day, and lasted the night before (where a land-tsunami hit!) These will now now go out on the back deck for shading. Great quality, and very sophisticated looking.
..even if you had similar materials and the machines. (I do) I am not a fan of the cloth - just mount it higher. BUT, the price delivered with Prime is less than 2-3 yards of a fancier fabric. It is well made for use at home. Jim
I had tried many shade sail from different seller now, and all the fabric are too dense that it would collect water during rain. I had few got tear apart because I forgot to remove them. Finally got this one that can let the water pass through, yet filter all the strong sun light. The texture fits well with my pergola.
Comes exactly as described. The hardware is good quality metal and easy to mount on wood surfaces. (if you need to mount the hardware on a brick or stone surface, you will have to buy different screws). The rope is nice and thick with lots of length. The sail itself is well constructed and shields from the sun extremely well.
Absolutely love these shade tarps. We live in a coastal area where it is windy every day. They are holding up to wind and rain beautifully, shade my plants and look very good. Great purchase . Bought 3!! Highly recommend.
Bought this for my mom's patio & it does the job. It's very strong material as well.
This is the 2nd shade I have ordered, different brand. It came with a mended seam which is not a big deal, may make it stronger. It did come with the rope which the other brand did not. I will be ordering another and hope it doesn't come with the same defect. Gave a 3 star rating because of that.
Very nice! It is easy to put on and our home floor will be protected very well. My parents like wear outside shoes in the rooms now they can use these shoe covers.
Basic disposable shoe covers, they look nice, not for extended use , but I was able to reuse them for a few times as long as you don't get them wet. I have given them to the daycare center to keep the floor clean.
I purchased this for my open house. I don’t want people to step on my carpet with their shoes. The cover is big enough and tough enough to reuse. Even in raining days, it can still keep my carpet clean.
I love these booties I have a new born baby girl and we lay down on the floor at times plus I have very expensive wood floor. I would rather not get scratches or germs on my floor. These are perfect and fit on anysize shoes.
Great product for a fair price and fast shipping too
Used to attach tailgate mat to tailgate on truck. One year later it's still hanging on. No issues at all.
This has been an awesome product, it really makes the back patio cooler,. I’d recommended it to any one that doesn’t have patio cover.
I bought this to help me sleep while I'm pregnant. I love that I can turn in the middle of the night and still have a pillow to put in between my legs. I prefer this over the C pillows for that reason alone. There's no readjusting the pillow under the covers in the middle of the night, which is super annoying and to do. This pillow is nice and sturdy, hasn't fallen off the bed, and is really soft but supportive. Highly recommend!
Don't have any problems so far, will order again.
Pretty good
I bought this with major enthusiasm. Unfortunately the tools for hanging it require very specific set-ups, and it does not match the configuration of my desk. Unless your desk has openings on both sides of it, this product will not work for you. I could probably jimmy-rig it somehow, but it hasn't been worth the effort yet. Edit: The seller contacted me following the review and was extremely awesome to work with helping me find solutions to my concerns about the foot hammock. Because of that, I've changed my rating. I no longer feel disappointed by this purchase.
It's kinda annoying. There is a thing to adjust the height but it keeps coming off. It doesn't hold in place so you have to keep adjusting it. Other than that, it's fine.
I use this backpack as a diaper bag. It's compact and lightweight, yet durable. Hasn't been tested in rain yet. It has a divided section probably for a laptop that I use for the changing pad and diapers. The small zipper pouch was not included as shown in the photos. I'm still extremely satisfied with this inexpensive purchase.
If you are pregnant, you NEED this product! Don't even think twice. Or do your pregnant friend/family member a favor and get this for her. I got it yesterday, let it fluff up over the course of the day, and had my first good night of sleep in months (and so did my husband) last night. As weird as this sounds, it essentially feels like sleeping in a giant, fluffy hotdog bun - which is actually totally amazing and exactly what I needed. It is cozy enough to prevent you from rolling completely onto your back and flexible enough to adjust to whatever width you need. The pillow height is just right for great neck support, and the density/softness is perfect. The washable cover is a nice feature. Yes, it does take up half the bed (queen size), but not more, and it took up less space than the 6 pillows I previously had all over the bed trying to get comfortable.
Very good for inside storage.
This stuff is the real deal, when you need a sturdy "velcro" that can take some tugging. I used it to replace the velcro on my workout armband that holds my iphone, as well as in my musical instrument cases to keep them from flying open in case I pick them up and the latch fails (I at least hear a tearing sound to warn me). The adhesive didn't stick great to fabric, but I didn't expect it to. Used a hot glue gun for that.
Exactly as described and arrived perfectly on time! Cant go wrong here if you need Hook/Loop 1" product! I used it to reinstall my bed rug in the back of my truck and it worked perfectly for the intended use.
I love this thing. It has never failed me. I haven't used it in heavy weight situations but it has been excellent in high temperature applications (car dash).
I've just washed the cover, and it came out of the wash nice and soft. Fits perfectly over the contour changing pad. I recommend this item!
I’ve been wanting to get a life vest for my toddler for a while now. I’ve been shopping around and this is the best deal I have found. I got it and it’s great material and quality.
This mask is beautiful and amazing quality--I can tell it will last a long time!
Love this mask, got tons of compliments! Not to big for me
This mask arrived nicely packed in bubble wrap and no defects. The mechanics of it are interesting, and allow for a lot of adjustment on the face. Unfortunately the dark colored headband does affect the hair styling. I am happy with it. If it doesn't hold up when I wear it, I will update my post.
This is a great mask, but it feels heavy on your face and likely needs to be worn at a less formal occasion than your typical masked formal. I wore it for a few hours and dumped it for one of the filigree options that amazon has so my makeup was more visible.
This mask works well over glasses. For that reason, it's a bit large. I'm only giving it 4 stars because the feathers were a little sparse. I also wish that the gold color was a little more subdued.
Pretty and just right with my face! Wore it most of the night! No problems!
Quality mask, love the headband detail. It was used for a dance performance and the headband really made it easy to use and it stayed put. I'll be using it again for another masquerade. Hubby and I both ordered masks from Amazon and they were both very nice. Lots of compliments. Thank you!
Thia item was gorgeous as a cake topper and was worn at the party by many guests!
It was nice. Returned it though. I didnt need it.
My daughter has a masquerade prom and this is absolutely perfect
the mask is beautyful , my daughter she had a masquerate dance , and she looked beautyful , nobody had a mask as beautyful as her , and they paid at least double !!!!!
I love that this has a headband function. So comfortable. Beautiful. Love the feathers. Love the beads. :) I am very satisfies. :)
I am writing this review 2 1/2 years later while pregnant and shopping for my second child. These have been amazing and I will be buying again for my second child. They have held up extremely well ( I bought 2 and constantly have one or the other on the changing table). They look great, wash well, and are organic cotton. 5 star review for sure!
THis is ideal pad!!!!! I bought it together with Simmons Kids Crib Mattress as both of them are organic and of good quality and Im very happy of these purchases! Im very whimsical mommy, believe me, but this Changing Pad is so nice, so I have no bad comments, besides admiration. The surface is smooth, soft, its easy, no chemical smell, very natural. The best for your babies!
The mask was nicely packed and everything looked great until I put the mask on... Before ordering it I wondered if it would be too big, and sadly it was. The fabric is comfortable on my skin but because of my high cheek bones, it presses on my eyes too much. My small nose doesn't match the half mask style as well. It looks like I have no nose. The headband style was comfortable and the clear connecting strips could be covered by my long black hair. I wish I didn't have to return it.
It's a little more expensive than some of the others but I can see why. The long flap in front is added protection and the glue strip on both sides a brilliant idea. Be careful though. So there's the double-sided glue strip and there's the tape that holds it to the toilet seat cover. The tape manufacturer obviously left a side loose to help us easily peel the tape off. But, sometimes when you peel, the double sided glue comes off with the strip when it should stay stuck to the toilet seat cover. Solution. Peel up to an inch or two from the loose side. If you don't see or feel the tape being left on the seat cover, stop immediately. Start peeling again from the other side of the same strip. This happened to me several times and that was my solution. It's worth it. Who wants the stress when you are in a hurry. There's more protection and the glue strip helps the toilet seat cover stay in place until you are ready to move it.xa0 Premium Toilet Seat Covers (5 Pk)
This car cover fits my car perfectly. It seems to be very well made and very well engineered. The stitching looks strong, the underside is very soft and it has elastic front and back so it fits nice and snug and the wind won't blow it off. For the price I am very pleased.
Fits perfect, easy on and off, well made
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